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Salsify (also Vegetable oyster) 17 Sep, Mandy Eastland (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi Hanna I have just read your post from 2018..about salsify seeds...I live in Mandurah. first tasted this in Germany on my visit last year. My sister has given me a great recipe..but where to get it from remains a mystery. I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction as to where I could buy some the way ..are you still having luck with your plants? Many thanks Mandy
Salsify (also Vegetable oyster) 18 Sep, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi Mike here - go to Boondie seeds website - click on Vegetables - go to
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 16 Sep, Lesleigh (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi, I've recently planted my 1st gooseberry bush. It has tripled in size & given heaps of cape pods. But they seem small & drop off. I tasted one that had a tinge of orange it was lovely but most are green inside still. Its in a great sunny position. Am I overwatering it or being 1st crop should I pull them all off to allow for a better crop next time round when plant is big. Would love some advise. Never grown them before but just love the Jam. From Redlands in QLD. Thanks
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 18 Sep, Anon (Australia - temperate climate)
Temperate zone it does say plant AUG onwards - maybe you planted a bit early. Remember little plants little watering often. As they become bigger more water less often. Mature plants 2-3 good waterings per week - more if very hot.
Parsnip 16 Sep, Lois Wattis (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I'm interested in giving parsnips a try. I've read the seed planting guides and also the idea of planting seeds paper towel rolls to encourage a straight root crop. I've also got a parsnip top growing in water and cotton wool and google tells me it won't become a parsnip if I plant it, but it might grow and flower, and I can collect seeds - is this right? Also, do the seeds grow well in a deep pot of good loose compost rich soil or do they HAVE to be planted in a garden bed? I've got some garlic planted in a tall pot (just shooting now) and wondering if I can put some parsnips in with it. Thanks for guidance, Lois
Parsnip 17 Sep, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Most root vegetables do not like or need a rich soil. Rich soil produces a lot of leaf. You want the root (parsnip) to grow. Growing anything in pots requires a lot more attention than in the ground. More watering and fertilising. I'm not a believer in mixing up plantings of different vegetables. I plant rows of different crops so as to cultivate easier for weeds and access.
Shallots (also Eschalots) 16 Sep, Geoffrey Page (Australia - tropical climate)
Q can I grow shallots using potting mix from Woolworths or do I need to make my potting mix fertilizer???
Shallots (also Eschalots) 17 Sep, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I would never recommend potting mix for growing vegetables. With the rising temperature going into spring and summer the attention to watering really increases. Lots of watering leaches out the nutrients from the potting mix. Just my opinion but the supermarket potting mix is pretty ordinary - yes maybe good for potting shrubs etc but not for vegies. If you're going to use it mix it with real soil - with 50% or more soil.
Shallots (also Eschalots) 17 Sep, Peter Devenny (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
yes you can , however I personally would go with Searles brand, available in 30 or 60 ltr bags, depending on potting mix you might like to add some sharp sand for extra drainage and of course the cheaper potting mixes will require extra fertilizers before planting
Chilli peppers (also Hot peppers) 15 Sep, Lucas Potgieter (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Where can i buy Red Habanero or Carolina Reeper chillies or some seeds. Call or Whatsup 0818072427
Broccoli 15 Sep, Kathleen Foxwell (Australia - tropical climate)
I live in Hervey Bay. I have planted Broccoli seeds. They never form a head for me to harvest. They are just leaves. How can I get them to grow the edible broccoli head?
Broccoli 16 Sep, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Broccoli is best grow in your/my area, autumn into the winter - plant seedlings or seeds early March to May. DO NOT have super rich soil. SOIL high in N will just produce a lot of leaf. I had this problem last year with cabbage and broccoli coming out of winter into spring. I won't do that again. I have tried seeds the last 2 years. For broccoli I think the best is to just buy seedlings from Bunnings.
Shallots (also Eschalots) 15 Sep, Kathleen Foxwell (Australia - tropical climate)
I have planted shallot seeds. When they are due to be harvested they are only as thick as a piece of 8 ply wool. How do I make them grow bigger?
Shallots (also Eschalots) 16 Sep, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
For over 50 years my mother and I have always grown shallots from bulbs. Kept some bulbs from one year (from spring crop) for planting the next year - autumn into late winter. A lot of different people have different names for shallots. The way to have good thick stalks is to grow in full sun, plenty of fertiliser and water. If the leaves are a nice deep green colour all is right - if light green yellow - they need fertiliser.
Shallots (also Eschalots) 14 Sep, Greg O'Brien (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi Anyone! We’re keen to try growing golden shallots and need to find a contact where we can buy a reasonably large amount of seed cloves. Anybody able to help?
Shallots (also Eschalots) 16 Sep, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Do you mean the little gold/brown shallot/onion. I grow what I call shallots - the cluster of bulbs - purple/brown colour when fully grown. You let the shallot fully grow and seed and then harvest the cluster of bulbs. I usually save some from one year for the next year. I had a lot this year and have a few left now. Usually by now they have dried out to nothing or when some humidity about they start shooting. I doubt I have enough for you but what I have left could be planted - have to be real soon though. I live Coral Cove - via Bundy.
Yacon (also Sunroot) 14 Sep, Glenys (New Zealand - temperate climate)
I live in Katikati, BOP. Anyone know where I can get yakon plants? Thanks
Yacon (also Sunroot) 16 Sep, Anon (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
Google it.
Rhubarb 14 Sep, Yvonne Rule (New Zealand - cool/mountain climate)
Do you know where nz can you buy terracotta rhubarb forcers Thanks Yvonne
Rhubarb 16 Sep, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Try googling it.
Cucumber 14 Sep, Kirsty (New Zealand - temperate climate)
What cucumbers are suitable for growing in hanging baskets?
Cucumber 17 Sep, Anon (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
A plant needs a preferred amount of soil (nutrient) to grow a reasonably decent crop. Without knowing what size pot you have I always question whether people use a big enough pot for what they want to grow. For myself I would not try to grow cucumbers in a pot smaller than 500-600mm diameter and 300mm deep.
Cucumber 16 Sep, Anon (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
What is the difference between growing in hanging basket and on trellis. Probably grow any kind. Try apple cucumbers - a lot more taste.
Parsnip 14 Sep, Rob Taylor (Australia - temperate climate)
I have parsnips growing at Hervey Bay, they are growing well, but they appear to be all top. I have cut the top foliage back. Will this affect the root. best regards Rob
Parsnip 16 Sep, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Probably too much fertiliser especially N. More a crop to grow autumn into winter than in spring.
Tomato 14 Sep, Allan Clarke (Australia - temperate climate)
If you freeze tomatoes, then thaw them out, they go all soggy, I believe.
Onion 14 Sep, petre (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Hi, Can I buy Onion sets in Australia ?. I live in Canungra Queensland. Thanks, Peter.
Onion 16 Sep, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
What do you mean by sets?. I don't grow onions but I would think most people grow from seeds or seedlings.
Tomatillo 13 Sep, Julie Elliott (Australia - temperate climate)
Bought one tomatillo at the green grocer near me. It was the 1st time I'd seen them selling tomatillo. I left it in the fruit bowl a few weeks and watched it shrivel up. Then I squished it open and left it another week or more to dry out and tonight I pricked out the seeds. Tomorrow I'll plant some seeds in a seed punnet and leave it on my north facing kitchen window sill to germinate. I'll do a punnet each week. The leftover seeds I'll keep for next year. Hopefully some will sprout. I travelled with a Mexican friend (from Mexico City) many years back and saw how she (and her maid) cooked them. I especially loved "drowned eggs". And I saw tomatillos growing wild in southern Mexico near the Guatemalan boarder. My memory is that it was a fairly lightly foliaged shrub like plant. Wish me luck.
Amaranth (also Love-lies-bleeding) 13 Sep, Annieta (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
For the people who asked where you can get Amaranth seeds I bought from Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre
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