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Florence Fennel (also Finocchio) 12 Jul, EG (USA - Zone 9b climate)
I started a shoot from a store-bought fennel. It's about 3" high. When can I plant this? From your chart it seems like only March? Thanks!
Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) 12 Jul, Jean (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Hi there when can i plant my okra? Wil it be fine to start planting in August?
Potato 12 Jul, Denese Schick (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
Hi potato growers! i have been married for 18 years, and all that time i have searched for Red Dakota seed potatoes. i see a few people on here mention them. cant get them up north here. my elderly husband grew them for many years, and i would really love to grow them too. i grow Maori, red deseri, Concord, Dragar, and a few others. i have saved my own seed for nearly 25 years. and would love to grow this special red dakota, which he says are different from other spuds. thand in advance. i would be keen to deposit a few $ in exchange for just 3 or 4 seed in good condition. please be sure of your variety
Potato 12 Jul, Sue (Australia - temperate climate)
Hi, we are going to try potatoes in bags and would like to grow indeterminate varieties, does anyone know which ones are, as there is no info on any of the seed bags I have read, thanks in advance.
Lettuce 11 Jul, Valmai (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I live on east coast and wondered whether it is a good idea to plant lettuce seeds and what type for summer 2020/2021?
Rutabaga (also Swedes) 11 Jul, chris dobson (New Zealand - temperate climate)
I love swedes and they are supposed to be easy to grow, but I am struggling. Have tried over 4 seasons now and they are very small and not especially tasty. Very prone to powdery mildew. It does not seem to make any difference if i germinate in pottles or sow direct. Living in Lincoln. Soil is clay base but with good rich top layer. Using home made compost enriched with sheep pellets and blood and bone. PH 6.5 to 7 Would appreciate any advice, Thanks
Snow Peas (also Sugar Peas, Mangetout, Chinese Peas) 11 Jul, Peter (Australia - temperate climate)
My Mammoth Melting are 2.5m tall - flowers but no pods. Planted 23/4/20. ( long wait) The Oregan Dwarfs (Mr.Fothergills - from Bunnings) planted 25/4/20 are 1.2m - with flowers and pods. ( slower to flower than last batch - I guess due to the cooler weather). Seems the smaller the plant the faster to fruit, with these 2 varieties. My current pickings are from Oregan Dwarfs planted 13/3/20 and have been picking since 1/6/20.
Watermelon 11 Jul, Cathy Mallen (USA - Zone 10a climate)
I am wondering what watermelon will grow in zone 10 (the coastal portion) Thank you.
Broccoli 11 Jul, Sue Hotker (Australia - tropical climate)
What direction should I plant broccoli and cabbage, eg. nth, sth, west or east facing? Morning or afternoon sun?
Potato 11 Jul, Michael (Australia - temperate climate)
hi, I have a raised garden bed 1.2x1.2x400, how many seed potatoes would be appropriate to grow in this area?
Chilli peppers (also Hot peppers) 10 Jul, Anver (South Africa - Humid sub-tropical climate)
i am going plant my chili seeds in tray an can i leave them indoor till it start to grow
Luffa (also Loofah, plant sponge) 09 Jul, Shemainee Carranza (USA - Zone 10a climate)
When is the lates to plant Luffa for zone 10?
Luffa (also Loofah, plant sponge) 09 Jul, Liz (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
Check this page
Peas 09 Jul, Mick (Australia - temperate climate)
I have peas by the dozens they are around 6 foot tall and producing well, what is the best way to keep the seed. Can I plant them green straight out of the pod or do they need to dry out. I have planted some green last week but a bit cold yet for them to sprout
Peas 12 Jul, lynette (Australia - cool/mountain climate)
I leave my pods on the vine until they are throughly dried out. If you dont want to plant them now, they will keep until next planting season. I keep mine in a paper bag, still in their pods
Peas 10 Jul, Anonymous (Australia - temperate climate)
When the crop has nearly finished you need to let the pods dry out, go brown. Dry them out for another two weeks and then put in a bag and then store in an air tight jar in the fridge for next year. Fresh peas will probably go rotten in the soil. I don't know how long seeds need to be kept before they germinate. Google it maybe.
Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) 08 Jul, (South Africa - Semi-arid climate)
Can I sow okra around August
Potato 08 Jul, Nathalie Hetherington (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I have bought some seed potatoes and prepared a raised garden vegetable for them. I have never grown potatoes before so am a total novice. The bed is 2m x 50cm x 40 cm. Can I plant a couple of different varieties together such as kipfler and purple potato and even if a third variety if I have the room?
Potato 08 Jul, Anonymous (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
A garden bed 2m long is only going to grow 6-7 plants. You can plant different varieties. Consider making the bed a lot bigger if you can.
Strawberries (from seeds) 07 Jul, Tanya (Australia - temperate climate)
My strawberries have little bite holes in them ,just like a slug or snail has been at them.but I have been all over them and can’t find a thing ,but what ever it is ,is destroying my strawberries
Strawberries (from seeds) 08 Jul, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Look up a company NUTRIEN AG SOLUTIONS in your area and ask to talk to someone about your problems.
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 06 Jul, Miri (Australia - temperate climate)
How long do cape gooseberry live for?
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 07 Jul, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
It is perennial so will grow for a few years.
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 07 Jul, Astrid (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
If well taken care of, more than 20 years.
Garlic 05 Jul, Mike mahaffy (USA - Zone 8a climate)
What is the most flavorful garlic? In Central South Carolina (Zone 8A), is hard neck, or softneck garlic, better to plant?
Sunflower 05 Jul, Ann Carson (USA - Zone 8b climate)
What kind of soil best for sunflowers? I planted afew times that begin growing then rodents eat top of sunflowers. Same as radishes too.How do i solve the problems?
Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) 05 Jul, Mairlyn (USA - Zone 8a climate)
Is early July too late to sow okra in zone 8a (Virginia)? (
Okra (also Ladyfinger, gumbo) 07 Jul, Matt Holloway (USA - Zone 8b climate)
Nope, get em in the ground!
Cabbage 03 Jul, Ann McKenzie (Australia - temperate climate)
My radishes and cabbage have small holes in the leaves. No caterpillars, eggs or butterflies as it is quite cold now. I’ve also checked the leaves. What do you think is causing this? Thanks, Ann
Cabbage 06 Jul, Anonymous (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Could be grasshoppers. If they are not causing too much damage I wouldn't worry about it. I'm not into what all the different things bus/insects do and how to treat the problems. Rain is a big factor in bug/insect populations - it's breeding time.
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