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Horseradish 21 Jan, Krystyna (New Zealand - temperate climate)
I would love to plant horseradish in my garden is there anyone in Hamilton area who can spare a piece of root.
Rhubarb 20 Jan, Louise R (Australia - temperate climate)
I haven't been able to buy Rhubarb Crowns in Armadale 6112. W.A. You can only buy Punnets.
Ginger 20 Jan, Kelly (Australia - temperate climate)
Hello I live in Perth any chance of growing outside this will be .?
Pumpkin 20 Jan, SA MID NORTH (Australia - arid climate)
Be careful using your grey water on edible crops due to pathogens
Lettuce 20 Jan, Miles (Australia - temperate climate)
I am trying to grow lettuce in soil I have added my home compost to. All seedlings get nibbled down to nothing at night and I can't identify what is going it. I live in Perth and very keen to know what is doing it and how I can control them
Lettuce 21 Jan, anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Go out at night and see what is eating the seedlings. Sparrows eat my lettuce the first couple of months of the year. I have a bird trap now. They also eat the heart out of my snow peas certain times of the year. Work out how to put a border around each plant or the whole block of lettuce. Like a 90mm pipe 100mm long and put oil or grease or Vaseline on the outside. Or look up similar things on the internet for slugs, snails etc. Or build a frame and cover with shade cloth.
Cardoon 19 Jan, Linda Garland (New Zealand - temperate climate)
If I cut end of season cardoons down to about 10 inches above the grou d will they still send out shoots?
Tomato 19 Jan, Carol (Australia - temperate climate)
To keep the slugs, caterpillars from Tomatoes and other vegetables away break egg shells up and spread around plants. Works great
Pumpkin 19 Jan, Peter Golding (Australia - temperate climate)
I live on Sydneys Northern Beaches. I have my pumpkin vines growing flat out on my lawn. Maybe 3 months since planting from seeds. I notice they produce many flowers but as yet most have dropped off and none have turned to fruit. I have possums and Bandicoots around but dont think they are causing the issue. How can I please keep the flowers from dropping off? I keep the water up to them and have used seaweed solutions a few times and added fertiliser pellets. Thanks for your help in advance
Pumpkin 20 Jan, anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I suggest you look up on the internet how to grow pumpkin. Look up how pumpkin needs bees to take pollen from the male flower to the female flower. Look to see if you have any plants flowers in your yard/neighbour that attract bees. Otherwise learn how to hand pollinate the female flowers.
Pumpkin 21 Jan, Peter Golding (Australia - temperate climate)
Thank you I will do so
Mizuna (also Japanese Greens, Mitzuna, Mibuna) 17 Jan, colleen (USA - Zone 10b climate)
My mizuna is getting old and scraggly and has formed a big root like a rough turnip. I was going to pull the mizuna soon. Is the root worth eating?
Kohlrabi 17 Jan, Carol (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
When is best time to grow kohlrabi in Auckland?
Garlic 17 Jan, pierre visagie (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
can i plant garlic in tunnels. what rime of year. watering intervals.
Garlic 21 Jan, anon (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Read the top of the page for planting times. Water today and tomorrow stick you finger into the soil 75 mm, if your finger is wet then you don't need to water. Small waterings to start with and then increase it as the plant grows.
Strawberry Plants 16 Jan, Suzanne (New Zealand - temperate climate)
I live in central auckland and grow strawberries in a large concrete trough approx 340 mm deep and wide. I had the opportunity to get a number of strawberry plants a few days ago, and want to know if I plant them now, protect them will they winter ok?
Strawberry Plants 20 Jan, Another gardener (New Zealand - temperate climate)
I live sub-tropical Queensland Australia, strawberry plants here send out runners from early summer. These runners develop new plants along the runner. These new plants are transplanted out early April, they grow and produce fruit from May to Sept. IF those plants offered to you have soil all around the roots and has not been disturbed much then they may keep growing. My suggestion is to find new plants around the time you normally plant strawberries in your area. Read up about growing strawberries in NZ.
Coriander (also Cilantro, Chinese parsley) 16 Jan, Roger Davidon (Australia - temperate climate)
Various attempts to grow coriander in pots in Adelaide to no avail, could you please advise on growing conditions, watering, soil type and prep, fertiliser etc. Thank you very much
Coriander (also Cilantro, Chinese parsley) 17 Jan, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Read the notes here, I suggest you use seedlings. Good friable sandy loam soil, not sand not clay. A light fertilising and my suggestion don't grow it in pots. If in pots PAY attention to it ever day.
Tomato 15 Jan, Mish (Australia - temperate climate)
We have been experiencing very hot, dry days. Up to 42 degrees Celsius. Could this be the reason that my tomato plants died? They were watered regularly & kept in the shade.
Tomato 15 Jan, Another gardener (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I think it could just be seasonal. My tomatoes were going great (Nov and into Dec picking) and towards the end the whole plant just died off quite quickly. Same conditions as you, hot weather. In a lot of crops you can have early mid and late season varieties.
Pumpkin 15 Jan, Mel (Australia - arid climate)
I am on my third year of the same vine (essentially) with butternut. I'm currently trying a new angle with them and wondering if anyone has tried similar. I was losing a lot due to it sitting in water constantly. Grey water from kitchen sink, bathroom sink, dishwasher and washing machine all runs through the area. This year I have built a tunnel and have been weaving it through like a creeper and am now trying to train it to go up and around a fence. Has anyone had any success with "climbing" their pumpkins
Pumpkin 15 Jan, Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
If you let all that water into your vegie garden then your soil would be WAY TOO WET. I am surprised any thing grows in it. I suggest you move your garden bed or the run off water. Or raise the garden height. They will grow on fences or trellises. I have some Kent doing that now.
Ginger 15 Jan, Alan (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Hi, does ginger need full sun, semi - shade or full shade? Where does it do best? How many hours of sunshine will best help ginger growth.
Ginger 16 Jan, Anon (South Africa - Dry summer sub-tropical climate)
I suggest you use google,
Watermelon 14 Jan, Dale gibson (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
Hi there ,I planted my watermelon seed in early November and surprisingly they germinated within 2 to 3 weeks ,..6 weeks on an the growth is very is mid January 2020 I live tolaga bay east coast nz climate is warm and hopefully will continue threw to march ...have I left it to late.. let me no. regards
Watermelon 15 Jan, Another gardener (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I'm sub-tropical Qld - they plant seedlings here late august and pick the melons up until Xmas. Planting later leaves you wide open to heavy rain, hot weather. A lot of rain when the melons are fully developed and they can/will split. Water melon seeds I threw in the garden in Oct germinated within 2-3 weeks. Here you can grow a spring and autumn crop. I would suggest you planted too late. If not growing I don't think the soil is very fertile.
Sweet Potato (also Kumara) 13 Jan, Paul (South Africa - Dry summer sub-tropical climate)
I m interested in Sweet potato farming where can i get the seedlings or cuttings in the Western cape or eastern cape (NOTE - Gardenate is not intended for farmers )
Sweet Potato (also Kumara) 15 Jan, Another gardener (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
You would have to look around your local area and find some sweet potato growers. I assume you are just wanting to plant a few. If a lot then ring your agricultural department. You need the new fresh part of the vines, about 1/2 m long, take all the leaves off except the last 3-4 where the tip is growing. Make a furrow in the soil and place the slip along it and cover the vine but leave the last few leaves out of the ground. Lots of water for the first 10 days.
Horseradish 12 Jan, (New Zealand - temperate climate)
I bought mine on trademe Cheers Lena
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