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Broccoli 22 Jun, Lyndel -- Toowoomba Qld (Australia - temperate climate)
We live in Toowoomba and would like to know the best time to plant broccoli seeds please. Also, a clarification as to whether we are a temperate or sub tropical climate please??
Garlic 21 Jun, Johan Fernandes (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Witch cultivar (name) is the most popular one to plant? Where can i find cloves? Is Febr - March the wright time to plant? Can i buy cloves from the fresh market?
Kale (also Borecole) 21 Jun, Coral (New Zealand - sub-tropical climate)
Just wondering how long a kale plant will live for?
Kale (also Borecole) 21 Jun, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
It is a biennial plant - could live for a few years - a good outcome is 3 years. It is a cool weather crop and can handle some frost. Tastes a bit bitter in the summer - drier and warmer. My rule is once a plant has produced a good crop and the quantity and quality has fallen away time to plough out. Put something else in that will produce a good supply.
Yacon (also Sunroot) 21 Jun, Kevin Watkins (Australia - temperate climate)
In Perth Western Australia did not flower and leaves are dieing back.Will tubers be ok?
Ginger 19 Jun, Andrew (Australia - tropical climate)
What is the required annually rainfall for ginger in the tropics?
Ginger 19 Jun, Mike (Australia - temperate climate)
"Ginger is a warm climate plant. It can be grown indoors in cool/temperate areas. To grow well it needs lots of water and nutrients. Prepare the soil by adding compost which will retain some moisture but not get saturated. Add a small amount of sand to ensure drainage. Water regularly in summer to keep moist". I would suggest a raised bed - even just a bed that is higher than the surrounding area. Doesn't have to be a constructed bed. Put plenty of compost and sand as suggested. A sandy soil rather than a clay soil - a good loamy soil. The trick is to keep it moist but not have it wet all the time.
Horseradish 19 Jun, john (Australia - temperate climate)
any recipes for real horseradish / European style? I think that it is just grated and put with vinegar but notsure
Asparagus 18 Jun, Laurie (Australia - temperate climate)
I have a question about asparagus. I am planning to plant some crowns soon. Can I plant other veg in this bed whilst the asparagus is dormant? If yes, presumably something not deep rooted like lettuce? if yes, any other suggestions?
Asparagus 19 Jun, Mike (Australia - temperate climate)
The crowns will start shooting August -Sept. Very little time to grow something. Depending on where you live - you would plant crowns Aug -Sept and put a good cover of compost / manure on top. This supplies the crown with nutrients for growing - you wouldn't want other plants use the nutrients up.
Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) 18 Jun, Merv (Australia - temperate climate)
After the growing season do I have to wait until the vine turn brown before cutting them down
Beans - climbing (also Pole beans, Runner beans, Scarlet Runners) 19 Jun, Mike (Australia - temperate climate)
As soon as you have picked all the beans you can pull them down or let them die off if you want to. A suggestion either way you do it, put them on the lawn and run over them with the lawn mower - will chop them up into small pieces. Use as a mulch or compost them.
Choko/Chayote (also Chayote squash, christophene, chouchou, mirliton) 18 Jun, Patrick webstet (Australia - temperate climate)
What time of year do I plant chokos on the central coast of Nsw l live At kulnura
Choko/Chayote (also Chayote squash, christophene, chouchou, mirliton) 20 Jun, (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Horseradish 17 Jun, Glenn Dahlem (USA - Zone 10b climate)
Are places unusually hot in summer, such as Phoenix, AZ area, too hot for horseradish to grow, assuming it's being watered throughout the summer months?
Basil 17 Jun, irshad (Canada - Zone 7a Mild Temperate climate)
Hello How can growing basil plants in cold temperature
Potato 17 Jun, zamo (South Africa - Semi-arid climate)
can i grow potatoes on same land that i use to grow sugercane ?
Cape Gooseberry (also Golden Berry, Inca Berry ) 17 Jun, Colleen (South Africa - Semi-arid climate)
We have a healthy plant with loads of fruit which never ripen. In a planter that gets afternoon Sun. Why do you think the fruit doesn't get ripe ?
Garlic 17 Jun, Beverly Hartman (South Africa - Summer rainfall climate)
Where in SA can garlic bulbs for planting be bought in bulk?
Asparagus 17 Jun, Margaret (Australia - temperate climate)
I have just dug up old crowns to transplant, will these grow successfully in new fertilised beds or do I need to get new crowns? They are probably 30 yrs old but were still producing some shoots. Healthy long stems on the crowns.
Asparagus 19 Jun, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
They are probably past their use by date. Usually only have a good productive life of about 15 to 20 yrs. You may get more though. My suggestion cut one into a few pieces and plant them out. If you have the ground buy a few new crowns and plant them also. Next spring 2018 will tell, if the old one don't do well then you have new ones on the go.
Pumpkin 16 Jun, Dilsie Evans (Australia - temperate climate)
I've grown pumpkin for the first time, 6 pumpkins. Just cut up the largest, the centre seems a bit soft and has lots of seeds. Is this normal??
Pumpkin 19 Jun, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
You have the skin and then a layer of firm to hard pumpkin - then in the middle is soft tissue and seeds. You don't eat the soft tissue.
Strawberry Plants 16 Jun, Jean (Australia - temperate climate)
As far as I know, you are meant to cut off all the flowers as soon as they appear for the first year. The plant needs more energy to establish roots, etc. then the next year, you can let them flower and fruit and you should have a more abundant crop.
Strawberry Plants 21 Jun, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Commercial growers here plant the strawberry runners in late April May. After the crop has been picked they plough them in. A one year crop. They buy new runners each year under contract - special patented varieties. Generally a home gardener may leave a few plants at the end of the season to keep over for the following year. During the late summer these will start to develop runners - you use these for the next crop. Doing this for years will produce an inferior fruit over years I believe.
Zucchini (also Courgette/Marrow, Summer squash) 16 Jun, Delores Victory (USA - Zone 5a climate)
When is the last month to grow zucchini?
Carrot 15 Jun, Megan (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I planted carrot seedlings from bunnings I thought each separate square of the tray would be one carrot, heaps grew all tangled together, I separated what I could, and replanted the ones that still had roots, will they still grow? Also when sowing first, do. I plant one seed per space or multiple seed and seperate when transplanting? Any advice is appreciated!
Carrot 16 Jun, Mike (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Carrots need to be in thin rows and spaced out. Best to have your soil quite fine - smooth over with a rake to make very level. Pick a few seeds at a time and try and plant them thinly. Keep well watered until the germinate and protect form the sun. Your seedlings may grow - protect them until they are established.
Carrot 15 Jun, Jack (Australia - temperate climate)
Punnets of carrot seedlings are often like this because the seed is fine and it is difficult to sow singly. Most of the seedlings will grow. It is far better to grow carrots from direct sown seed as there is no transplanting setback. mix the seed with some dry sand so you can sow it more thinly. Add pepper to the row to stop the ants from helping themselves. The seedlings are very fine so make sure they are kept moist. use the thinnings as 'baby carrots'.
Lemon Balm (also Sweet balm, ) 14 Jun, douglas (South Africa - Dry summer sub-tropical climate)
where in cape town south africa can i purchase lemon balm plants
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