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10 Sep 22 Wayne McClelland (New Zealand - temperate climate)
Q1. Is Corn a Vegetable or Fruit ? To confuse the issue further, Berries have their seeds on the outside, Fruit has the seed on the inside. Q2. I ask this question for the distribution of NPK in the plots. I have Roots (N), Fruit (K), and Leaf (P), the garden has been farrow now for about 3 years so should be pretty good Kind regards Wayne McClelland
14 Sep 22 Anonymous (New Zealand - cool/mountain climate)
Q1 Botanist call it a fruit. - Q 2 Very basically - N is for leaf production/plant growth - P is for root development and K is for flowering and fruit. Each of these help the plant grow in many ways. Google and learn more about how plants grow. Leaving soil fallow for 3 years does not make it fertile. You need to add manures compost fertilisers etc to make soil fertile and do this 1-2 mths before planting crops.
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