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28 Sep 19 Maryanne house (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
I have just noticed that I have spears on my asparagus. They have been in the ground for 2 years. My query is to do with the ferns that are still there from last year. The ferns did not die down and I read somewhere to leave the ferns and that they would die of their own accord.But they did not so I guess this was incorrect. So... do I now cut off all the ferns as the spears are now appearing or do I reduce the number of ferns? In future do I cut off all the ferns when the spears stop appearing or at a specific time frame? ( say Jan Feb? ). Thanks in advance for your assistance.
30 Sep 19 Anon (Australia - sub-tropical climate)
Are they two years old from seed or crowns?I believe the ferns die in the colder weather but not in sub-tropics /tropics. I'm sub tropic and they have not died in the last 3 years. I even stopped watering in early May this year and we have had a very dry time since then. I would cut the old ones out. Pick some of the new spears and eat. Depending on how many spears you are getting probably stop picking in about 4 weeks and let grow for next year. You have to let the crown grow in the first 2-3 years. In future from about Nov or so let the spears go to ferns-even while you are picking leave a couple go to ferns. Leave the ferns there until mid August-the ferns are growing the crown and storing nutrient in the crown for spears next year. Then cut them off and put 50-75mm of compost or aged manure on them and start watering them. And by compost I mean fully broken down organic matter or manure. Not mulch.
09 Dec 19 jenny mullins (Australia - temperate climate)
I was told never to trim the ferny bits as they harness strength for the crown & help develop bigger & better spears for the following season. Is this incorrect. I bought crowns from K-Mart over 15 years ago. Had them in a small pot. They grew, they 'died', they grew again & died again. I decided to transplant them into a large garbage bin, about 75cm deep. They grew & produced lovely tasting, about 3/4 cm thick spears, over the last two years. I've fed very randomly (haven't been well for long while) sometimes Dynamic Lifter, sometimes Seasol, sometimes Complete Fertilizer. I don't think I've even fed them once a year!!! I'm trying to show them some loving respect now, & so shocked at how they tolerated gross neglect & still gave me precious, delicious spears to just pick & eat...never made it to the kitchen!!
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